Sunday, April 17, 2005

José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero

 José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero

From BUST Magazine:

Why we’re totally crushed out on the reign in Spain

While best known for pulling Spain’s troops out of Iraq after being elected last March, there are plenty of other reasons to take notice of José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, Spain’s new Prime Minister, who calls himself a feminist, gave half the jobs in his cabinet to women shortly after taking office. His first bill was a measure to combat domestic violence, which Zapatero calls his country’s “greatest shame.” Zapatero also hopes to legalize abortion, which is technically illegal in Spain. His latest move? Trying to legislate gay marriage. Sadly for the ladies, Zapatero is happily married, but the way things are looking around here, it might be time to start boning up on your high-school Spanish. [DEBBIE STOLLER]


At 9:14 PM, Blogger yotambien said...

You say abortion is illegal in Spain, as Spaniard i have to tell you that your comment is far of truth, the right of abortion exist in Spain since many years, in fact we have more abortions than deads in roads, every 6 minutes there is an abortion in Spain.
To understand why a country legalizes same same unions, fights against domestic violence, or makes the right of abortion even less restrictive, its good to take a look at real information sources and not listening at stereotipes that make your comments funny : )

Sorry for my terrible English, regards from Spain


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