Monday, September 17, 2007

Emmy Awards 2007: Fashion Review

Best Dressed Women:

Anna Paquin: Simple and beautiful.

Sally Field: Sexy in a very popular color for the evening.

Kristin Bell: I love it when she gets it right. I am so looking forward to her role on Heroes.

Katherine Heigl: The dress has a lovely silhouette and is saved from being almost too plain with the great hair and red lips.

Ali Larter: Effortless but stunning. However, one of too many strapless, drapey gowns making an appearance at recent awards shows.

Best Dressed Men:

Masi Oka

John Krasinski: Classic, great.

Worst Dressed Women:

Kyra Sedgwick: Peculiar shape. Lampshade on top, dust ruffle on the bottom.

Melora Hardin: Notorious bad dresser. Terrible colors and fit.

Leslie Caron: I hate to bash a classic like Caron, but so much fabric is simply overwhelming her tiny frame. She should be simple and chic, not frumpy.

Hayden Panettiere: While I applaud her for trying something different, the proportion of the dress does not suit her and she is way too monotone. Her skin, hair, makeup and dress all seem to blend together as one color.

Jenna Fischer: Ack!

Worst Dressed Man:

Joey Fatone: I don't particularly care for the suit, but Fatone tips the scales with the sneakers.

Hair Disasters: Really nice dresses totally overshadowed by crazy hair.
Heidi Klum

Ellen Pompeo: Why does her hairstylist always seem to be using her for some sort of wacky hair experiment?

Ashely Jensen

Kate Walsh


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