Thursday, June 03, 2004


I am terribly disappointed by the state of Broadway these days. As an ardent fan of Stephen Sondheim, I am offended by the success of such shows as “Aida” and “Beauty and the Beast”. More and more it seems that the biggest hits are just movie knock-offs, Disney produced, and reproductions of old hits. While not all of these shows are bad in and of themselves, I am upset by the trend. Yes, I know that we have “Avenue Q” and “Urinetown”, but I am talking about a bigger picture. Why don’t more “independent” works thrive as they sometimes do in the film world? Where are the “Kill Bill” and “Lost In Translation” of Broadway? Musical theater, it seems, has become something akin to mainstream Hollywood, where there is no room for financial risk-taking and only a sure thing will ever see the stage. So please, next time you are in New York City to see a show, please give “The Lion King” a pass and look for a show that will test your understanding of the world and your definition of art.


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