Thursday, June 03, 2004


It always disappoints me when intelligent people malign television by simply believing that it is all a load of crap. Sure, some of it is awful, showcasing the worst of human proclivities, but even some of the crap can be damn entertaining. I believe however, that sometimes television can reach the level of art. No, I would not liken a tv show to Picasso, but rather to the theater and literature. Some shows, though they may not reach the heights of great art, are no less important because they encapsulate culture and society in a way that many other forms of expression cannot. Even if one refuses to acknowledge the art in television, they must admit that it is a great force in our society, reflecting and sometime even shaping our world. So, enough of this stuff. Here is a list of some of the shows that I have loved over the years. This list hardly begins to cover all the shows I have enjoyed, but think of it as a cross-section.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: One of the greatest shows ever. Shamefully underappreciated.

The Simpsons: Simply one of the most wonderful cultural forces in America.

The X-Files: In its time I was really hooked.

Murphy Brown: A show that set a new tone in my mind for what was possible on TV. There is room for more than just family sitcoms.

Mystery!: I love a good who-dunnit.

Masterpiece Theater: Still sometimes turns out some of the best TV has to offer.

Friends: Say what you will, but it can be damn funny.

Jonathan Creek: I have always loved locked room mysteries and finally there is a show about them.

Charlie's Angels: I "discovered" this show a few years back. Though it is really firmly in the world of "jiggle" tv, I loved it. Camp at its best.

Six Feet Under: All I have to say about this wonderful show is that, for me, the last season finale was like a symphony.

The View: The one daytime show. Don't sell this one short. The women are smart and witty and discuss things that I really want to know about from war to shopping.


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