Monday, December 12, 2005

"The Light in the Piazza"

If you are in New York City in the near future and would like to take in a show, but don’t know what to see; I highly recommend “The Light in the Piazza”. The show closes March 26, 2006, so see it while you can. “The Light in the Piazza” follows a mother and daughter as they travel in Italy in 1953. I won’t say more about the story since I don’t want to give anything away (plus you can read a synopsis anywhere on the net). What is important to say is that the show’s Tony-winning music is just beautiful (as are the sets, lighting, and costumes; also Tony-winning) and stirring. I went to “Piazza” expecting wonderful music and fabulous performances, which I got, but was surprised by the humor in the show. In the role of the mother, the star of the show, Victoria Clark, turns in a funny, warm performance for which she won a Tony. “The Light in the Piazza” may not be big and showy like most other Broadway productions, but it is a lovely and touching experience.


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