Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Golden Globe Awards 2006

Best Show Moments:

  • George Clooney thanking a special someone, "I want to thank Jack Abramoff, you know, just because...Who would name their kid Jack with the last words "off" at the end of the name?"
  • Sandra Oh’s acceptance speech. Her exuberance and excitement was engaging.
  • I was happy that there was very little forced joking patter between presenters, allowing the show to go more quickly and reducing the number of awkward moments.
  • Hugh Laurie’s great new thank-you speech method of randomly drawing three names from his pocket. If only all winners would limit themselves in a similar way.
  • Steve Carell’s speech, presumably written by his wife, thanking her repeatedly.
  • Emma Thompson’s funny introduction of nominee “Pride and Prejudice”, a film full of youth, as compared to her film “Sense and Sensibility”.
  • Larry McMurtry’s sweet ode to his typewriter, a Hermes 3000, for helping him to win the award for best screenplay for “Brokeback Mountain”.

Worst Show Moments:

  • The god-awful Pussycat Dolls song opening the show with the lyrics changed to “fit” the red carpet parade.
  • The introduction of Miss Golden Globes, by her mother Melanie Griffith. Usually this moment goes by with little note, but I couldn’t help feeling that the girl looked so uncomfortable being dragged out on stage, leaving me to wonder why she was there in the first place.
  • John Travolta, choosing to thank only the *male* actors.

The Fashion:

I found the fashion choices this year to be quite boring and underwhelming. So many people wore black (or white or metallic), the few ladies who wore color really stood out. Black can be an incredibly chic and elegant choice, but if everyone wears it, it becomes too solemn.


Ziyi Zhang: I am sure some people hated the color of this dress, but it looked great against the sea of black gowns and suits.

Scarlett Johansson: Sexy, youthful and eye-catching.

Eva Longoria: Again, sexy with great draping.

Jill Hennessey: I couldn’t find a better picture of Hennessey, but I thought she looked very pretty.

Maria Bello: One of the best uses of white. She looks effortless but glamorous.

Sandra Oh: Wonderful embellishments and a great back. She looked wonderful.

Best Surprises:

Nicolette Sheridan: A perennial worst-dressed contender, she was clearly determined to avoid criticism this time. Finally, wearing this lovely, chic navy gown with understated accessories, I can see how beautiful Sheridan really is.

Emma Thompson: Sexy old Hollywood style. I think she is trying to make up for her look in the upcoming film, “Nanny McPhee”.

Best Man:

George Clooney: No explanation needed.

Best Ensemble:

The Desperate Housewives: They looked wonderful as a group and individually. Marcia Cross looks very pretty, but doesn’t make the list individually because I am tired of such literal interpretations of the goddess look. I think this trend is one that should be put away for now.

Honorable Mention:

Queen Latifah: Great color.

Natalie Portman: A more interesting black. She can really carry off vintage looks and make them look modern, especially with the hair.

Terrence Howard: I would have liked this better without the ugly boutonnière. Otherwise, he wears clothes with so much style and attitude that he can take greater risks than most other actors.


Drew Barrymore: Clearly not young enough to go without a bra anymore. So dowdy.

Mariah Carey: No surprises here.

Catherine Deneuve: She has so much natural elegance, but negates it with this awful concoction.

Heidi Klum: When is a neckline like this ever a good idea?

Worst Surprises: I expected more from these ladies.

Reece Witherspoon: She looks great from the neck up, but I really don’t care for the dress. It seems unfinished, boring and frumpy.

Charlize Theron: Too busy and unflattering.

Worst Men:

Johnny Depp: Welcome back to the list, Johnny! I see we are having the usual again tonight.

Adrien Brody: He looks like an idiot with the ascot. He can’t carry it off.

Worst by far: I mean, really bad:

Ellen Pompeo: What the hell was she thinking? She is young and pretty new to the whole award show thing, so maybe she doesn’t have a stylist, but that is no excuse for putting on a table runner and window tie-back as a sash. Maybe the horrible hair is meant to distract from the dress or vice-versa. Compare this disaster to the 2005 Emmy Awards when she was on my best-dressed list.


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