Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Golden Globe Awards 2007: Fashion Review

Check out last year's Golden Globe fashion review to see who improved and who didn't.

Best Women:

Mary J. Blige: Sexy and sophisticated.

Teri Hatcher: Simple white dresses were very popular at the awards and Hatcher had the best one. Flattering, with lovely detailing.

America Ferrara: The dress is not that interesting, but the color is lovely and the shape suits her. Really my favorite thing about the dress is the girl in it. She truly deserved to win and delivered a wonderful speech.

Best Man:

Keifer Sutherland: Not much to say here, except that the tux is classic and extremely well proportioned.

Best Couple:

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith: They always look fabulous together.

Looking Good is the Best Revenge:

Reece Witherspoon: Nice recovery from last year. I enjoy the fresh color. Best hair of the night.

Drew Barrymore: This dress style was very popular last night. I particularly like Drew's version for the sweet pink shade that looks great with her glowing skin.

Justin Timberlake: I am not generally a big fan of this guy (especially his fashion taste), but I thought this suit was tasteful and was very well fitted.

Or Not:

Cameron Diaz: I am sure this gown will appear on a number of best-dressed lists, but it is too fussy for me. The single shoulder and limp belt and bow just make the whole look very messy.

WTF? Nice dresses, horrible hair:

Vanessa Williams: She looked youthful and gorgeous, except for the unfortunate fright night hair (and the fur of course; that's a no-no). Who could concentrate on her amazing face and body with hair like that?

Sienna Miller: The dress is kind of pretty and unique, but what is going on with the yodel-rific 'do? Was Heidi fashion forward?

Ellen Pompeo: She almost never seems to get it quite right. This dress is rather attractive, but the hair is too severe.

Worst Women:
Rinko Kikuchi: The shower "pouf" dress.

Courteney Cox: The severe hair and oddly ruched dress just serve to age Cox.

Gillian Anderson: Should not be allowed to dress herself. It is a crime to let such a pretty woman dress like a frump.

Meryl Streep: Too talented to care what she wears. Diane Keaton syndrome. She could at least have picked a pretty color.

Jenna Fischer: I hesitated to include Jenna. I wanted to give her a pass in consideration of her work on the hilarious show "The Office", but I must be fair. The dress fits poorly, is wrinkled and is suited for a much older woman.

Worst Men:

Jeremy Irons: I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jeremy Irons for making "Worst Dressed Man" such a darn easy pick to make. He really looked like he came straight to the awards show from a prison camp. He very much needs a good night's sleep, but did he have to wear his pajamas?

Clint Eastwood: I am sorry, but it is very sad when one of our greatest "tough guy" stars dresses like someone even I could beat up. The tiny bow tie looks ridiculous.


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